Cutest Swiffer on the Block

Thursday, July 1, 2010
A while ago (at least a month or two ago) I ran across this ingenious tutorial on Sew Much Ado which resulted in this overly cute Swiffer duster:

I've made 2 and have plans to make more because yes, they are easy to make, yes they work, and yes, they're cute. Plus I don't feel bad since I don't have to throw away one of the store bought replacements every few days since I can throw these in the wash. One word of caution, don't wash these in the same load as anything microfiber. I found out the hard way that said microfiber item will attract every bit of loose thread.


Gene Black said...

That is a great idea. What fabric did you make yours from?

I'M A QUILTER said...

I use that property of micro fibre. I always put a large microfibre cloth (the towelling type ones) in the tumble dryer, it takes off all the little bits off the clothes, (cat hair thread etc).
Does it pick up dust the same way?

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