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Monday, July 26, 2010
A while ago I decided to organize my sewing space. I ended up having a few boxes that didn't get put away. I was hoping to be able to go back to TN and pick up some cheap bookcases I had left there in storage. You know, those fake wood laminate ones that you can get at the big box stores for $50-$100 with the flimsy card board back. Oh and lets not forget the shelves that sag!

After thinking about it I decided it wasn't going to be worth the cost to go an get them. I thought I could buy some locally for less than it would cost in gas to drive to TN. After looking around and not really wanting to waste money on something that would eventually end up in the trash or the thrift store, I sweet talked Mr.PD into making me some.

Nothing quite as sexy as a man with tools!

...and while I could have very easily {well maybe not AS easily as Mr. PD} made these myself I let Mr. PD have the fun of building said bookcase. Besides, if I show too much independence in the tool department he won't want to build me my furniture in the future when I'm feeling too lazy to do it myself! You know I think deep down inside our men like for us to ask them to make things for us.

This is what she looked like after Mr. PD put her together. 

 we added a 1x2 along the top sides so that the profile would not look weird from the side

She sat like this for a few days until I got fed up with my sewing room arrangement once more. I was so tempted to just bring it upstairs like this and put her to good use. However, Mr.PD made me see the error of my ways {boy does he know me} and convinced me that if I brought her upstairs in such a sad state she would remain like that forever! That wasn't something I wanted to stare at every day.

Sooo... we dragged her into the kids playroom {it's air conditioned, plus I could watch movies as I worked} 

Where I lovingly {over several days} filled in her blemishes, primed, sanded, painted, and sealed her until her outer beauty was as apparent as her inner beauty. *Note: don't waste your money on Olympic Paint (from Lowe's) that stuff is like trying to paint with water! Their Valspar paint is much better.

Finally I took her upstairs only to find out that her shelves didn't fit!

Mr. PD forgot to make them just a tad smaller. So she sat like this and waited for the rest of her shelves. Meanwhile I could not wait, so I filled her first 2 shelves with neatly folded fabric.

Finally I had to force Mr. PD to fix her shelves {threats of no dinner may have been involved!} so that I could finish organizing all my fabrics.

Isn't she so pretty? I could stare at her all day. I'm really glad Mr. PD did not let me bring her upstairs in her unfinished state.

We used Ana White's Knock-Off Wood plans for "The Favorite Bookshelf." This is definitely going to be one of my favorite pieces of furniture. I'm already planning on making a second to replace that brown one in the picture. Just so you know the cost was Pretty much $90 just for the lumber. We already had paint, brushes, wood filler, nails etc. On Ana's site it gives the cost at $50. Oh but this is such a bargain! See these lovelies here? Those are $500 a piece!! That image is exactly what I want my sewing room to look like, just replace all the pink with red. {...mmm dreamy.}

... in case you are wondering what all I have on this beauty...

Now go build your own!


*materials used: mdf, bead board panel, Zinsser BIN primer, Latex paint, Min-Wax Poly Acrylic Top Coat


Gene Black said...

What?!??! "Go build your own" ??? I was hoping i could borrow Mr PD for a while.

Joy said...

Build my own? I was hoping she had a good looking brother I could adopt since it sounds like your hubby will be helping others.

amy smart said...

Looks so good!! I'm feeling a tad bit jealous as my husband - nor I - could accomplish such a feat. You are inspiring me to go organize my sewing space. (It needs it!!)

Love the new blog too!!

Mishka said...

Fabulous bookcase. It turned out great.

Leslie said...

Great bookcase! and thanks for the link to the plans. Since I wear the tool belt in the family, now I can get just what I want for shelving.

Michelle said...

Yay for Mr PD! The bookshelf (or in this case fabric shelf) is a great addition to your sewing room.

trish said...

I love your book case! It is so pretty with your fabrics and other items. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

This looks great! I've been trying desperately to convince my husband to make some various furniture pieces for us but he is adamantly against doing so. I'll have to show him this project!

Karen said...

That's awesome! I'll have to show my husband too. We're designing my sewing room and I'd love that in there. Thanks for the inspiration!

Stephanie Hardin said...

Lovely! I've need to get rid of my cheap dressers in my sewing room and that would be a great think to do it with!

V and Co. said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! thanks for linking up!

Mary said...

SO pretty...I'd love to borrow Mr. PD for a bathroom project in my near future :)

Melinda said...

Looking good!
You guys did a great job. It looks
great in your sewing room.

Hopped over from Just a Girl.


Natasha Burns said...

that is a stunning bookshelf! love the work you two did on it, and the goodies that are stored in it!

Andi said...

I wish my mr. was handy with some power's so beautiful! I love the beadboard! And it looks great with all the pretty fabric on it!

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