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Friday, July 16, 2010
Meet Savannah, my quirky cutie pie of a kitty. I've had her for about 13 years.

Those of you that have followed me for a while are probably wondering why you've never seen or heard of her before. The truth is she resides with my parents in California. Oh how I wish I could have my dear sweet quirky kitty but alas, Mr. PD is violently allergic to cats. What I mean by that is that he is super allergic and isn't very pleasant to be around when he is in a foul mood because of kitty allergies. When he is in one of those moods he always talks of harming my poor gatos, or any other gato causing his discomfort {mind you I really don't think he would ever give in to his violent allergy related desires.} This is why my poor kitties have to live with my parents where they are spoiled rotten by my dad {oh the horror.} Luckily my mom really loves Mr. PD and when we visit she cleans the master bedroom top to bottom in order for it to be allergy free {that plus medicating Mr. PD helps.}

Can you guess where the picture of Savannah was taken?

Well she is so spoiled by my parents that she will now only drink water while in the bathtub!The story goes that one day my mom walked into the bathroom to find Savannah lapping up shower water {gross!} My mom very foolishly took pity on the poor thirsty dehydrated kitty {exaggeration.} She happened to have a little bowl sitting by the tub and so she filled it with fresh water for the poor little kitty, and that was that. Savannah will no longer drink water from any where else. When she is done eating her food in the kitchen she will stroll over to the bathtub, hop in, and meow until someone takes pity can't stand it anymore and gives her a drink. It's quite funny to walk by and look into the bathroom and see 2 little ears poking over the top of the tub as little Miss Savannah waits patiently for a drink.

Do you have any quirky pets?

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lisapenn said...

Hey Norma! I just joined the land of blogging again and love the new site. It suits you well! You are one talented girl. I sure do wish you were back here, I miss you! Loved reading about your triathlon. Once again, you have inspired me. That is one of my next goals. Um, just have to learn to swim first!

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