What I did on My Summer Vacation: Old Sacramento

Friday, July 16, 2010
I lived in the Bay Area for approximately 14 years before I went of to college. I can't believe that I never got the opportunity to visit Old Sacramento. I do remember that I was insanely jealous of my older brother because he got to go as part of a school field trip in 8th grade History Class. I was a year behind him in school and so when I was in 7th grade I waited eagerly to be in 8th grade history so that I could go. I was so excited when I got into the class of the mean hard teacher because his class was the only one that got to go to Old Sacramento. Well my dreams were shattered when budget cuts caused the field trip to be no more!

Since then I have always wanted to go to Old Sacramento and I finally got my wish 16 years later! It was so worth it {at least to me.} There was so much to see and photograph. It's so beautiful and old. Love it!

How cool is this yellow Lego bear?

I found the colors of this guy really appealing. The colors would make a great quilt.

Of course Old Sacramento is know n for the railroad museum.

Lots of beautiful old buildings form the early 1800's with great architectural detail.

I was so in love with this shop! The blue apothecary style shelves, the hardware, the counters... everything

Hey that look like my Ikea pitcher. Love the ladder and the blue with the white.

I love the red of the building, and the wood from the barrel and the planks on the floor.

I seriously could live in one of these old buildings. Loved it all!



Arianne said...

I love your pictures.

Kristen said...

Ah yes, and you can't forget the awesome candy stores and the train museum! Chad's grandpa was a train engineer and one of the engines he used to "drive" is in the museum. These pictures make me really miss "Old Town"...we used to go there a lot since we lived about 30 minutes away.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What a great post!!

You really found some great places. I love those blue shelves too!!

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