What I did on My Summer Vacation: South Lake Tahoe

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
I love, LOVE, the Sierra Nevadas. I have fond memories of road trips, summer camps, and hiking up and down these gorgeous mountains. Lake Tahoe is seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth. I might be just a little bit biased because Mr. PD and I honeymooned at Tahoe {North to be exact.}

After our little stop in Sacramento we headed off to my BIL{Mr.PD's brother, who happens to be married to an awesome lady who has become one of my BFF's. Lucky me!} house near Carson City, NV.  We decided to take Hwy 50 on over to Nevada and the extra time is definitely worth the scenery!

there's Lake Tahoe on the on the left!

everything is absolutely gorgeous!

Bluer than blue skies, fresh mountain air, perfect weather, real pine trees {not like the ones in the south!}, and real mountains! Yeah, I could live here... oh wait, no I can't I'm not that rich!

A few days after arriving in NV we took a day trip up to Sand Harbor at South Lake Tahoe! It's got a lovely beach, blue skies, clear albeit frigid water, and lots of sun. The kids really enjoyed it here. They didn't even seem to mind the icy cold water. Only Mr. PD was brave enough to dive in all the way, only once though. Me, I was content with ankle high water and playing photographer.

We buried Ellie Mae

I can't even tell you how much I love this shot:

It makes it seem as though we have the whole lake to ourselves! So now I sit in Alabama, where high for today will be 95F but will probably feel more like 100F with the heat index, pining for the frigid waters of Lake Tahoe.

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