What I did on My Summer Vacation: Airplane Hexies

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Remember when we were in grade school and we had to write the obligatory "What I did on my summer vacation..." essays? Well we never went anywhere exciting or cool growing up so I always struggled to write a full page on staying home and playing with my siblings all day long. Sure we kept ourselves occupied with roller skating {yeah I said roller skating, old skool baby!} catching spiders {don't ask, but maybe that's why I'm not afraid of creepy crawlies and furry rodents} and making obstacle courses in the living room, but those things didn't sound as cool on paper as Susy Q's trip to Disneyland.

So I thought I would share a bit of my summer vacation with you. It will be a few posts here and there and if you are not interested go ahead and skip them! Hopefully I'm not making you feel like I'm the "Susy Q" of the class and that your vacation wasn't cool enough to share.

I'll go ahead and share the very best part of my vacation first because it happened way before the vacation started. The best part of my summer vacation was that it was paid for in cash! No credit cards were harmed in the taking of said vacation. I've shared with you in previous posts how we have used Dave Ramsey's advice to get our finances in order. So this little vacation was our we're debt free gift to ourselves and a little break before tackling the task of setting up our 6 month emergency fund {which we've already started to work on full force since being back and already have 1 month saved up!}

We were able to go back west for a glorious week and a half of sunny weather, fresh air, mountain views {sorry but those aren't mountains in Alabama} and peace and quiet. It was nice to unplug from the computers, the phones, the tv, and to just take each day in stride and do whatever struck our fancy. We split our time between California (Oakland and Sacramento) and Nevada (Dayton and Tahoe area.)

My very wonderful husband sat with the kids during each flight to give me a break, although I think he did it to have more room for himself. I got to sit next to the chubby chick and the tween who didn't know about personal space!

Anyway the first flight wasn't so bad because I had an aisle seat and the middle seat was empty. I was able to spread out and work on some hexies to pass the time. I found it amusing that we got those 100 calorie packs of chocolate chip crackers {I refuse to call them cookies, because cookies they aren't!} shaped like hexagons! I couldn't resist taking a picture of some yummy hexagons {yes I find the crackers yummy too.}

I'll go ahead and answer those questions that I know will come. Yes, I got scissors on board an airplane (twice!) Yes, you can bring scissors as long as the blade is less than 4" long and they are blunt (it's posted right on the signs at the security check point so I'm not making it up.) No, I didn't get frisked, stopped or questioned, and didn't even got a curios look from the agents. Yes, I brought needles, 2 to be exact. No, I did not bring pins. The fabric is Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts and I have no idea what I'm going to do with the hexagons but it sure helped to kill time. Oh and my fabric hexies are 2.5" from tip to tip (I think.)

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