What's for dinner? Black Bean Soup

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
I don't know about you, but I can have soup any time of the year. I don't think it really matters in this time of technological advances. I'm talking about the modern miracle of air conditioning and central heating units! I love that I can be toasty warm inside when it's freezing cold out, or nice and cool when it's blazing hot outside. So yes, I enjoy a bowl of ice cream when it's snowing, and soup when it's boiling because magically inside it is not {unless your AC unit is broken on the hottest day of the year like ours was last week. NOT fun!}

Recently we made yet another recipe form the HCAR 09 cook book. It was a really simple Black Bean Soup and it was perfect! It was very, very good just as it's written. But as you can see the next day I pepped up my left overs by adding some fresh cilantro, a squeeze of lime, fresh green onions, fresh avocado, a tiny dollop of sour cream, a dusting of cheese, a bit of crushed tostada, and a dash of my favorite hot sauce {food storage anyone? ooh look you can buy packets too!} I went very easy on the, sour cream, cheese, and tostada because I really want to keep it healthy. Everything in moderation right?

wow, I'm totally drooling now...mmm, wish I had some right now.

So are you a year round soup and ice cream eater or a seasonal one?


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Gene Black said...

Funny, soup is on my list "to make soon." I will be making a cabbage soup but I may add meatballs to it. I love adding to a recipe.

I have never tried that hot sauce. I may to get a bottle. I think I saw that at the Guatemalan tienda in Albertville.

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