What's for dinner? Omelettes a la Carte

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
One of our favorite dinners/lunches around here are omelettes.What could be easier than making up a few eggs? I make it fun for my kids by chopping up a bunch of ingredients and letting them pick what they want. They even get to add it directly to the pan so they get in on the cooking action.

This pretty much guarantees that my kids are going to eat their lunch since they picked their fillings. Of course sometimes they get a little crazy and ask for blueberries, maybe someday I'll give in... but not this time! EJ has gotten adventurous and now asks for an omelette with "the works" (he wants some of everything.) While Ellie Mae sticks to her "safe" favorites. Our toppings vary by what is in the fridge or in the garden.

I like mine with "the works" and of course some Tapatio hot sauce! While I may not have time {ok so it's more like I don't have the desire} to make eggs for breakfast in the mornings, I may make more of an effort to do so. I recently read an article about a study that revealed that people who eat eggs for breakfast consume less calories throughout the day. Now there's food for thought. By the way it the omelette pictured above was made with just one egg so you don't have to over do it on egg consumption and ruin your cholesterol. You can read more about the study here and here.

Some of our favorite ingredients include: cilantro, onions, mushrooms, cheese, ham, turkey, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

I sure wish I still had my chickens though.


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Gene Black said...

Yaay, I finally got some Tapatio hot sauce today. I don't like eggs, but I will be using it on lots of other things!

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