Help My Little Friend...

Thursday, August 26, 2010
and her little friends too.

Ok I'm taking this word from word from another friend's blog, only because she wrote it so well! But this little girl Adria goes to my church and I would love to help out a local school that is doing so much for the children in our community.

From my friend's blog:
Eden and I have a friend. She is amazing. She is four years old and has been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition within the Autism spectrum. She has fought with seizures, had a very difficult time learning to walk and talk, and has had other developmental delays. Her family moved to Alabama about 18 months after I did. In one of those tender mercies that seem to be everywhere, it turned out that a school in our area was a perfect match for Adria's unique needs. The Little Tree School has been an amazing thing for Adria and many others.

They have applied for a grant through Pepsi and are currently ranked 8th in the polls. I'm asking you to help move that number to #1.

I RARELY (if ever) take part in these things and therefore don't ever forward them either. However, I've personally witnessed the miracle in this little girl's life. Adria is an engaged, delightful child with an awesome grin. Since she began at the Little Tree school she has made amazing strides in her developmental and social skills. This is definitely a worthy cause. I don't, personally, get this method of deciding a grant (wish it was on merit and not popularity), but since this is how it is being done and because I feel so strongly about Adria, I'm passing this along and inviting you to text to 73774 and put 101735 in the message. Also, you can go to and vote.

Heidi and Eden 

I too have seen Adria's development grow by leaps and bound's since she started attending The Little Tree Preschool. She is my daughter's age and I know that if Adria were my daughter  I would be doing everything in  my power, like her mom, to make sure she was getting the help she needs.



PS you can vote everyday until August 31st. You can also vote via text every day, different phone numbers count as different votes!
Text* 101735 to
Pepsi (73774)


Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I voted (I think)..would love to know how this turns out.


Gene Black said...

Norma, I have a co-worker/friend with a child who is autistic. He attended The Little Tree before he started in elementary school. I was telling his mom about it when her face lit up and she said "did you know you can vote every day?" I didn't know that so I will try to do this daily.

Thanks for the heads up.

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

Yes--that's Alayna--she married my brother. How do you know her?

Rafael's Mum said...

Voted for the school. Really hope this works and they get the grant!!

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