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Thursday, August 19, 2010
At the beginning of the year I joined a local quilt guild: Lick Skillet Quilt Guild (LSQG). It's fun to come together with other quilter's once a month (sans kids and spouses) and to talk about all things quilty. Granted the group is comprised of mainly old ladies with a different style of quilting to mine, but I do not let this deter me from attending my meetings. To tell you the truth I find old older people funny, often hilarious! And while we may not have the same quilting style I choose to see the design possibilities rather than focusing on the thimble-berry style fabrics.

At our July meeting we were lucky enough to have the fabric shop come to us! Actually our LQS closed it's doors last April :( So now we only have Hobby Lobby and Walmart for fabrics. lately I've become a fabric snob and don't buy fabric at these stores, not for quilting anyway (well not much, because on occasion you can find the good stuff.) The lovely ladies of Grand Bazaar Fabrics came by and brought all this yummy goodness with them:

I was extremely self restrained especially since they brought a whole lot of Amy Butler with them. I was good and spent a mere $20 on these beauties:
I love that top print from Amy Butler's "Love" collection. It's so yummy to look at. I splurged on that spool of thread it's Masterpiece by Alex Anderson by Superior Threads and it set me back about $8! This was a tough decision for me to spend $8 on a teeny tiny spool of thread or to buy another 3 fat quarters of yummy fabric.

I finally tested out the thread last week and so far I LOVE it! I promise I'll tell you more about it later.

One thing I love about LSQG is show and tell time. The ladies of our guild are busy little bees and they never fail to disappoint with showing off, in a good way of course! I wonder how many of them are retired? I don't think any of them have toddlers at home taking up valuable quilting time except for myself and my friend Joy.

Here are some of the beauties form Show and Tell:

Do you belong to a quilt guild? Are you an active member? Do you like it?



Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

What a great show and tell. Dang you guys are awesome. I've told so many people about our visit to Lick Skillet Guild. Amazing.

You are right too. There is a huge difference in the quality of fabrics in the big box stores. I talk about that frequently in my guild lectures.


Oma said...

Hi Norma,
I have been reading your blog for some time but have never commented--I should have before now. I was born in Anniston and my sister still lives there. It was funny when I realized where you were living--not often does this happen when I am reading blogs. I am a member of our local quilt guild (Cotton Boll Quilt Guild) in Auburn AL. I was president for two years. We have a lot of members of all ages and every month we usually have new ladies show up to the meeting. I think this is so wonderful that our group continues to grow. Show and Tell is always so inspiring and the fellowship is so rewarding. I love all of the ladies in our group--they are so generous and giving. We have a quilting retreat every year and it is so much fun to take and weekend and just quilt. We do a mini quilt shop hop on the way to the retreat. We hold our retreats at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Georgia (more towards Augusta which means we have to go through Atlanta). It is a wonderful place for a retreat. The facilities and the food are the best. I knew there were active quilting groups around Anniston. My sister used to work for the Churc of the Good Shepard and she talked about quilters meeting there (I think that they rotated meeting places each month.)

I also need to thank you for the Joseph's Coat template that you made. Several members of our applique group used it (I had it printed out for them.)

Omajean (

Joy said...

Thanks for the photos, I missed that night. Not sure if I fit in the older ladies catagory since I do have a preschooler. I sure feel like an old lady some days. LOL

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