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Friday, August 20, 2010

While working on my "Quilts for Kids" quilt I had a little mishap. I was finished with the quilting and had just squared up the quilt. I moved on to cutting and piecing the binding. I picked a lovely golden yellow which tied in to the color from the dog's collar. I was zipping along cutting my strips for the binding when I felt a change in my rotary cutter. I immediately cringed, unsure of what damage I had caused.

That's the problem with "zipping" while you're cutting, you get into trouble! Luckily it was only the label and not the quilt or some other project that usually litters my main work/cutting desk. I set it aside while I continued on with the binding, the whole time trying to decide whether to salvage the label or not.

Ha ha! Light bulb moment! I remembered a specialty stitch on my trusty Kenmore.

#43 and #44 are specialty patchwork stitches. They are meant to work like this: take 2 pieces of fabric and fold under a small seam allowance on the sides you want to join, then but them up next to each other and sew using #43 or #44. Well I didn't have any room on that small label to fold under a seam allowance along the cut edge so I treated the cut edges with fray check. Once dry I butted them up next to each other and sewed them together.

This is what it looks like on the back of the label. The stitch resembles little bird foot prints. The cut seam is right along the middle of the stitching. It wasn't perfect but it worked!

I really need to keep my work area cleaner to avoid something like this again! Have you ever accidentally cut through something?



Gene Black said...

I have cut through something once. Now I clear the cutting area before I even think about cutting.
good save! said...

This is hysterical! We saw this today at Quilts For Kids, Inc headquarters and were in tears laughing (we have all done this).
I loved your quilts and hope you will keep keep sewing for us because the children who have long hospital stays LOVE having quilts to snuggle with before surgery or Chemo.
You are a blessing...keep spreading the word that we've got over 6 million kids in hospitals in the USA...we need quilts...and thanks for doing these and postng ROCK! Thanks leaving a smile on my face today!
With Love,
Linda Arye
Founding President

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