What's for dinner? Stuffed Portobellos

Sunday, August 8, 2010
here is another super amazing and deceptively easy recipe from my new favorite cookbook HCAR 09. Stuffed Portobellos! Yumm 

You take a few simple ingredients:

most of which I always have on hand:

mix them together to look like this:

and you get this delicious awesomeness!

Of course if you can't stand mushrooms don't expect to like these. But if you like mushrooms, these are to die for! My kids ate them. Ellie Mae had a little trouble in the gag reflex department, but my kids have to try everything I put down in front of them. Funny thing is I used to be like her, couldn't stand mushrooms growing up, but now I love them!

Are you a mushroom lover or hater?


1 comment :

Gene Black said...

I totally LOVE mushrooms. A grilled or baked portabello is one of my favorites!

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