The Best Day Ever

Friday, September 3, 2010
... OK so there may be a few more "best days" in my life ahead of this one but, boy did I have a great day yesterday!

First I won a GO! Like for reals!!!!! wooo hoooo!
from Karen who has very lovely blog. (I've already bookmarked several of her "Tool Time Tuesday ideas.)

Then I went running 3 miles in perfect weather with my BFF so it only felt like 1 mile.
I only wish my running route took me in front of the Louvre
So I realized that I don't have a picture of my BFF. Does that mean she's not my BFF? {note to self get a pic with my BFF.} This girl is serious fun! She has made my life in Alabama bearable {sorry to all you AL natives, but It's the truth.} Aren't you all jealous, she got to go to Paris recently-ish, maybe she'll take me next time and we'll use her new red suitcase too.

Then I cleaned out the storage room which we always walk through when we get home.
 {OK so cleaning is obviously not on my list of "best day" activities but I was productive and I will no longer trip on hoses and extension cords in the dark!}  The storage room is actually clean in this picture taken a few weeks ago.

Then I had lunch with my lovely girl (she cracks me up.)

Then I got some awesome goodies in the mail.
I invested in 500 "premium" business cards. I guess I'm really serious about this business thing now. If I flop though, my kids have already called dibs on the cards. Glad they have my back.

I also got a fun little package that contained this:

ooh these are my favorite
I want them as earrings... I'll have to see if I can make that work somehow...

and this lovely fabric sunrise with bubbly clouds... or a lovely sunflower with bubbles

Either way I love it dearly! It was made by the talented JMB. She was my secret partner for the DQS9. Go check out her lovely blog too. It's perfect for me thank you so much J!

To top it all off I made Normandy Chicken for dinner. (I'll post the recipe soon)

A perfectly awesome day in my book. September has more than made up for the awful July and the 5 bats {or was it 4? does it really matter? they were in my HOUSE in my BEDROOM!!!} that terrorized me in my own home in July and August.

I think September just moved up a couple of notches. It's right up there with December, April, May and March.

Have a great September!


jmbmommy said...

Hooray! I am so glad that the quilt made it to you and helped make your day so grand.

felicity said...

SWEEET winnings! Whoa!

(Sounds like a perfect day to me).

Bamamoma said...

yes. jealous. my BFFs have become BFFs. sad.

Gene Black said...

that was a MOST Excellent day!

corrie said...

Awwww! You're awesome. I love the bubble/sunflower quilt! It's really cute. And it was fun taking my new suitcase to my sister's this weekend.
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