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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
A week and a half ago I was lucky enough to impose myself upon my BFF from high school. I had a super fun time catching up with my long time friend of 18 years. My lucky friend happens to live in Atlanta, a mere 1.5 hours from me. We ate {I stuffed myself}, we shopped, and we hit the Georgia Quilt Show where we saw some amazing quilts:


These were just a few of my favorites. Other highlights included the vendor mall. I may have gone a little crazy since I've been deprived of quilt quality stuff since our LQS closed it's doors last April. I got to meet the infamous Scissors Man, who in real life is quite charming and I think looks like Anderson Cooper {I"m not the only one who thinks so.} He talked me into these scissors for cutting out applique and for cutting away batting for trapunto. In fact he rounded out the edge for me on the spot so it would be less pointy. Hopefully this will minimize the chances of me poking or cutting the quilt top during trapunto!
I also picked up the Sew Line ceramic pencil with regular and yellow lead. Now that I think about it I should just have bought the refills and found my own .9 mm pencil to use with them. The lady that sold these to me said there is nothing special about the erasers on these things.

I finally got my hands on these:

I've already popped them in and they work just like they're supposed to. I feel like the "drag" that I used to feel is gone when I'm free motion quilting especially when I would change directions. I wanted to order these for a long time but the $3-$4 shipping charge kept holding me back, especially when these could ship for a regular stamp.

I found this Recess fabric bundle for $30. Those are 1yd cuts!

Oh, and I bought some tea towels to have on hand as easy gifts.

The one item that I really wanted was bought out right from under my nose. But that's ok because I found it online for $12

Have you gone to any shows lately? Are you lucky enough to go to Houston? I'm so excited because my in laws have just moved to Houston and I have already warned them that I will be visiting next year!
~ Norma

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Joy said...

So happy you found the critter pattern, it is so darn cute! I need to get a couple of those washers from you. I think I spent way to much money at the quilt show...then again maybe not enough, I still find myself saying I should have bought that when I saw it. Oh, well maybe next year.

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