I've turned into...

Monday, October 18, 2010
The other day I realized I had turned into...

a soccer mom. Next thing you know I'll be driving a swagger wagon. {where my kids at?}

This would explain my lack of posts in the last few weeks. Between games, practices, and other commitments I've been pretty busy. It's been fun to see both of my children progress over time. Sadly it will all be over this Saturday. I really have enjoyed watching the games, snacking on the picnic blanket, cheering, giving pep talks and yelling {encouragement, give me some credit, I'm not one of "those" parents!} I can't wait for spring soccer!

Are your kiddos into sports? How do you manage your schedule and get it all accomplished, especially the homework?


1 comment :

Brandie said...

We do volleyball here and it seems like 3 days of the week are a super time rush. It's hard to manage and get some me time.

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