Yay! and Boo!

Friday, November 12, 2010
Looking for the scrappy giveaway? It's here.

First the Yay!
I'm floored by the number of followers that I have recently gained, and I didn't even have to bribe you! :) Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I guess I do have something interesting to say! You love me, you really love me! :)

Now the Boo!
Boo to getting my first negative comment on my blog. I have no idea if this was meant as a joke or not but someone who happens to be a 'no reply blogger" left the following message'

"Sorry you don't like Canadians! I bet if I went to your Etsy Shop you would ship to Canada."

Here I thought I was doing something nice by sharing my scraps  and having the audacity to pay for the shipping out of pocket, but apparently I'm just being a big ole Scrooge. Not that I have to justify myself to anyone {it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to, whine if I want to, share if I want to, or NOT if I don't want to} but my BFF is Canadian {honest to peanuts she's 100% Canadian!} Remember my last giveaway? Where I gave away 2 highly coveted Heather Ross Fish in Bags fat quarters? Yeah, that was open to the whole wide world... and can you guess where the winner was from?

... yup CANADA!

gee I really must hate Canadians.

Oh and another thing, yeah my Etsy store is just that, a store. I must be evil for trying to charge shipping. Just because I'm a small retailer doesn't mean I have to give my stuff away. It is a business and I run it as such. A business pretty much has one purpose and that is to make profit. Otherwise it wouldn't be called a business.

The End.

~ Norma

PS. This post was written {mostly} in jest, just because I can.


Rafael's Mum said...

I wouldn't worry about it. We all know you are great.. (and love Canadians...) (even though I am not one :-)

Brighton Breezy Sarah said...

don't take any notice of that negative comment - if people want to use their energy that way, fine, just don't let it taint yours!

I love your blog but I don't stop reading it just because I'm in the UK and I can't get a freebie - sheesh!

Gene Black said...

Ha ha,... Norma, I saw that comment and thought "How RUUDDDE!"

Then I thought, if that person wants to win so badly why didn't she/he? offer to pay postage?

Sandy said...

Take a deep breath, and know that if you NEVER gave another thing away, or worse, NEVER taught us something new, we woud STILL read your blog anyway!!!! Canadians are usually very very couterous people, so, this note is way out of the ordinary. I'll take off my "mom" hat now LOL...and you can let that breath out now! Sandy

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Wow! A case of sour grapes. I think I would be glad that person isn't going to be the winner.

Cori said...

I agree with Gene. Why not offer to pay for the postage. I would.

Tong said...

don't let the negative commenter get you down! speaking of your love of canadians, i just got my goldfishies in the mail today!! love them!! thanks again for the giveaway and opening it up to everyone around the world, canada included =P

Myrnie said...

BOO for trolls! :) I read a bit of bloggy advice the other day...if you've found a troll commenting on your blog, congratulations! You're a real blogger! Now go and delete it, because you can :) Haha, I thought it was good advice. (Umm...are you LDS? I adore the message that Elder Uchtdorf gave, that you've included at the bottom of your blog. I nearly cried when I heard it two years ago...but then, I'd just had a baby, I cried at a lot of things ;)

highdeekay said...

You know your BFF is actually only 50% Canadian (dual citizenship and all). Just sayin'. Still though, you obviously LOVE Canadians eh? I mean, Bob, Ann, and your BFF in your close circle of friends. That's tight, eh?

Joy said...

If your getting the bad comments, that means your reaching a lot more people than you know. We love the Canadians that live around us!

Anonymous said...

i'm from canada and i know that it can be frustrating when give-aways or sales aren't available to us, sometimes companies won't even ship to us! all because of a little imaginary line in the sand across a land mass that's totally connected.

it's sad that someone would take their frustrations out on you when you're doing such a kind thing. sometimes i've been tempted to ask people to let international readers enter if we agree to pay the shipping, but that's probably more trouble to you than it's worth!

but thanks for the love! canadians love you too! :D

trudys_person said...

I'm Canadian, and if I won something from a blogger, I would be happy to pay for shipping ... I know USPS charges stupid prices ... and some of it goes to our dear Canada Post ...

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