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Thursday, December 30, 2010
(and the winner of SMS giveaway day. Yeah, it's about time.)

This morning as I was browsing through the posts on my Google reader I a came across a fun post from Amy at The Idea Room. I had so much fun reading her post and feel like I got to know her just a tad bit more. So here's my attempt at bonding with all of you. Good, clean, not in a weird way bonding :)

- Don't ever try to scare me in a dark hallway. I've taken too many self defense classes and my gut reaction is to kick or punch the living daylights out of anything that jumps out at me. Mr. PD can vouch for this fact. Just ask him about the time he tried to scare me at church. His shins were not happy :)

- Hates squashing the big giant southern cockroaches. Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. I usually have to call my kids or Mr. PD to the rescue. (Just so you know cockroaches are a fact of life in the south especially if you live on a wooded lot and are not necessarily a reflection of cleanliness, oh and those suckers can fly.)

- I studied Industrial Design in college with a double minor in Spanish and Manufacturing. What? Basically industrial design is product design. Designing the way things look not necessarily the way they work, that's for the engineers and smart people. Spanish, because I grew up speaking Spanish and I love my heritage. Manufacturing because my counselor said that an Industrial Designer who designs things that can't be made is useless.

- Sadly I left college without my degree. Someday I will return to finish up 1 more year of college and graduate!

- I got bucked off a horse once. Oh and there was another one that tried to roll over on me once... maybe I should stay away from horses.

- I have a perfect driving record. Not even a warning.

- Has been tossed out of a raft in class 4 rapids and lived to tell the tale.

- Sometimes I wish I could write blog posts anonymously because there are some funny things that happen to me but I don't want to offend people (people I actually know in real life) with my tongue in cheek thought process.

- I can read (or at east I used to be able to) ancient Mayan hieroglyphs.

- I'm a Mormon. No we're not polygamists. Yes we are Christian.

- Hates math with a passion and is envious of my human calculator husband who can whip out fabric yardage requirements and can run circles around sales people trying to con him into a "deal."

- Loves to compete in triathlons and got first place in the women's division once. Ok so there where only 3 women. It was my lucky day!

- Set new personal records this year for a 10k and a half marathon.

- Loves to do anythign remotely crafty: cooking, sewing, quilting, building furniture, painting, etc.

- Hates to do the dishes. They often pile up in both sinks.

- Loves to be active (a big plus in avoiding quilter's butt) : running, hiking, swimming, biking, scuba diving, racquetball, tennis, volleyball, horseback riding etc.

- I love to read. Anything and everything! I don't know how many books I've read but surely it must be close to a thousand by now.

- Hates living in the south because they have tornadoes (among other things.)

- Loves animals! Cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, chickens, goats, hedgehogs... maybe I should live on a farm.

- Loves to cook and eat international. Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, American, Indian. I love food! Being active also helps with this!

- Loves to dance. Mr. PD does not dance :(   Thank goodness for Zumba!

ok that's probably enough for now! I wonder how many of you are still reading. Let me know if you write your own post. I'd love to read it.

~ Norma

and the winner of the SMS giveaway day Portrait silhouette is:
MJ said... 39
My favorite decoration is the brass Christmas ornament from every year, that my grandmother gave me. I'll cherish those forever!


Kasey said...

I wish I knew you in real life... so many of these are similar to what mine would read! I love running and food as much as I love crafting. And I hate squishing the giant wolf spiders that try to creep in from the woods (they make the loudest, most disgusting squish-pop!).
Happy New Year!

MJ said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Norma! How awesome for me. Love your blog... and from your random facts sounds like you are an awesome person that's a lot of fun to be around!!! Thanks again!

Dorothy said...

Came over from The Idea Room, just a random suggestion, you could do an anonymous blog. Don't link it to this one and leave yourself off as the author and post all those funny antidotes. =)

Gene Black said...

Glad you warned me about scaring you. Ha ha.
I love learning interesting facts about people, especially people I knwo

Christine said...

these are interesting! I am also crazy about animals

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