Slacker! ...and a winner

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Yup, that's me. What can I say, when the weather turns cold I turn almost sloth like and wish I could stay in my warm cozy bed all day long. In my defense I did run a really, I mean REALLY good race on Saturday. At least it was good for my short 5'0" self. I know I'm not gonna set any world records with these short little legs of mine, and just thinking about 9 minute(or less) miles makes me want to hurl. I'll gladly take my 10 minute miles any day.

This was my second half marathon. After the first one, in 2008, I promised I would never, like EVER, do it again... I wonder what happened. I'll tell you what happened: CORRIE! Yup, that darn Canadian BFF of mine let me talk us into doing a half marathon. No wonder I dislike Canadians so much. Well folks we ran our little guts out and managed to set new personal records. We finished right at 2 hours and 11 minutes (and a couple of seconds) a whole whopping 27 minutes faster than my first half marathon! {Can I get a woot woot?} We were so super excited to cross that finish line and be done so that we can "never ever do that again" {...until next time I suppose.} After the race came the pain, oh the pain. 13.1 miles will do some funny things {so not funny ha ha}  to places you never even knew you had! I was finally able to climb my stairs without any problems on Tuesday morning.

So in summary:  pain + cold weather = total slacker

Without further ado the winner of the $15 Walmart Gift card is  

Lucky #23
Maralyn who said:
I would LOVE to get the apple/cinnamon one for the holidays!!!
Then I wouldn't have to make so much pie??? NOT!!!

On the not so slacker side, I did manage to deck my house out for Christmas, get all the Christmas shopping done (I love the internet) and I even managed to sew a cute bag (pictures coming soon I pinkie swear!)

Holy Schmoly I just realized I haven't mailed out my box of scraps for the scrappy giveaway. See, total slacker. The box is at least packed up and waiting for my next trip to the post office.

~ Norma

ps blogger spell checker really needs an update "Holy Schmoly"" "woot woot" "BFF" those are all legit words!


lisapenn said...

WOWEE WOW! Holy cow that was some fast running. Way to go Norma! More inspiration for me. ; )

highdeekay said...

Yay, I've been meaning to inquire how things went on Saturday. You two rock!

Marilyn W said...

WHOOHOOO!!! I won, I won!!!!

Thanks SO much for hosting the giveaway.


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