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Thursday, February 10, 2011

grrr! I  just spent more than 1hr trying to reassemble the tension assembly on my brother 1300. I thought I would be really good and clean it out because my thread would stick in there sometimes. 

I took it apart cleaned it, oiled it, and put it back together. I was pretty sure I had it right the first time but it wasn't working! I would manually run the thread through and tighten up the tension as tight as it would go but the thread would just slip through so easily.

I fiddled with it for a looong time. I took that thing apart and reassembled it like 50 times! I was racking my brain trying to figure out what exactly I was doing wrong. I mean there were only 6 pieces and most of them where pretty obvious about where they belong. I was so sure I had it right, but it still wouldn't work :(

I finally let go of my pride and called the hubby down to help. He took it apart twice and then he noticed this little tiny pin that was keeping the 2 tension discs apart. I hadn't noticed said pin. He then proceeded to figure out that I didn't have the foot down. {like that should have anything to do with the tension assembly} Well that little tiny pin wasn't allowing the tension to engage and as soon as he lowered the foot the tiny little pin moved on out of the way and the tension engaged and all was well. 

except for my pride :(

grr... men

 :) On the up side I did assemble it correctly! 

So if you decide to clean your tension assembly make sure your foot is down before you reassemble the dang thing.

(ok Mr PD just walked in and said "what are you doing now? blogging about your genius husband who can fix anything in mere minutes?") He's lucky I'm too tired to clobber him.




Brandie said...

Men are so funny.

Angela said...

we have many a story like that in our house. lol. you are not alone.

SewHappyGeek said...

Ha ha, I know just what you mean! I married an engineer who can figure out anything except how to look for lost things...

highdeekay said...

Enjoy that husband. What a blessing.

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