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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
I need some help in identifying some fabric.

Sailor Fabric

I bought this fabric a 2-3 years ago and made each of my kids an article of clothing out of it. Ellie Mae got a little sun dress and EJ got a dress shirt. I would love to make #3 a quilt out of this fabric but would like to save the outfits and not cut into them if possible.

So if you know anything about this fabric (name, manufacturer, where I can buy some, how I can bribe you to part with it if you have some in your stash) please let me know!

Update 3/23/11
FOUND it! in case anyone else is interested it is:
Marcus Brother's Storybook Garden, I believe this one is called Ships Ahoy

Just ordered 3 yds from  Colonial Crafts and they have 2-3 yards left of it

Super thanks!!


Amy said...

I am sorry I can not help with anything about the fabric except it is sooo cute. good luck, Amy

Rhonda the Rambler said...

Have you tried ? Hope this helps!

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