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Friday, March 4, 2011
The Petit Design household has gotten just a little bit more crowded. Say hello to my latest addition:

2-14 Hello

She was a bargain at $15 and I now have a machine I will allow my kids to touch... when the time is right. I jokingly told Mr. PD that this was his new sewing machine after he borrowed mine a couple of weeks ago. Now he can "sew pretty with Hello Kitty!" Aside from breaking a few needles and making me break out in sweat he actually did a pretty good job sewing up a canvas hammock for his tear drop trailer. Granted he doesn't know how to sew a proper seam, cut fabric efficiently, or wind a bobbin but he gets points in my book for doing it himself instead of adding it to my pile of sewing projects. Guess he really wanted his hammock made sometime this season!

I finished the quilting on Mr. PD's mission quilt. It's just an all over meander. The top was too wonky for me to try anythign else, but secretly I was also terrified of ruining it so I stuck with something I knew I could manage. It still took me a few hours, over a few days, to finish it up. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was actually in a good rhythm towards the end. I'm glad I chose to do this top first instead of starting with my friend's memory quilt because there were some kinks I had to work out {and lots of stitches to rip out} with my new set up.

Remember the super secret project I hinted at? Well there was no fooling some of you! I thought I was pretty sneaky talking about a deadline that was moved up a whole month and being super busy working hard... well some of you were so hot you were on fire with your guesses! The Petit Design household really is going to be a little bit more crowded come late July/early August. It'll probably be, oh, about 6.5 lbs more crowded around here! So now you know my little secret and the reason behind my lamo blogging attempts and 3am blog posts :)

~ Norma

I figured it was finally safe to spill the beans since we finally told all of our family. I didn't want anyone calling me up and telling me they had to go and read it on my blog to find out!


Gene Black said...

Congrats on the family addition!

Gene Black said...

Oh yes, and on Mr PD's new sewing machine too. That will be great for the kids to learn to sew.

lisapenn said...

AH HA!! I Just knew it! Congratulations! How exciting!!!

Angela said...

congratulations! What fun news!

Kristen said...

I knew it you sneaky thing you! Congratulations!

Jennifer and Clay said...

Congratulations! And where did you find the Janome for 15.00??? Good find, wherever it was!

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