Awesomely Productive

Monday, July 18, 2011
Being productive has been a rare thing since I got back from UT in May. The car accident really threw off my "groove." Visits to the chiropractor and to the OB take up a ton of time and energy. Now I'm a mere 2 weeks away (as of tomorrow) from my scheduled c-section. Finding the energy and urge to do anything productive, beyond eating and napping {hey that's productive right?!} is really, really tough. As a result my house is embarrassingly messy and dusty. The dishes are often piled in the sink, and my kids have learned to fend for themselves {pb&j and cereal anyone?} Luckily I have a super awesome husband that hasn't uttered a word of complaint and tells me I'm doing a great job! {I love that man!}

Today was the most productive day I've had in a long time. I actually made my bed this morning, did some laundry, organized and cleaned out the linen closet, made lunch for the kids, made another block from "The Farmer's Wife"
FW #81
FW #81
Fabrics are Katie Jump Rope and Kona Snow

and not only started, but finished the quilting on my first customer quilt.
HST Trip

 you can see my sketch of the quilting pattern I did

To top it all off I made dinner! OK so I threw a pizza in the oven and made a salad. Baby steps right? Oh and let's not forget this blog post too. Tomorrow I'll post some more pictures of the quilting on the HST quilt before I ship it off to it's owner.

~ Norma


Sharon Pernes said...

Sounds like you had a good day today :)
We've all been there, remember that every step is a victory! Big steps, little steps it doesn't matter they are all victories

Jo said...

Sounds to me as if you did enough today to last you a month or so. Don't be so hard on yourself, you should be taking it easy with no guilt attached right now, as you know you will be busy enough very soon. Go grab a pint of your fav ice cream and put your feet up.

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