Friday, July 8, 2011
I've got "lotsa" stuff going on, mainly baby growing which is taking up all of my time, energy, and general will to do anything that doesn't involve eating or sleeping! I've only got 3 weeks and 4 days left, but who's counting anyway? Summer has kept me busy with soccer games, soccer parties, church stuff, eating (lots), a visit from my sister and her 2 kids, napping, hiking, swimming, dr's visits, Netflix and more napping. I have managed to squeeze in a few minutes here and there on crafty related projects around the house:

Fabric Petals

- I made a few more petals for the Joseph's Coat quilt that I"m slowly working on. I think this is going to turn into a "several years" project.
- I also chopped off some of my maternity pants into shorts and reclaimed the extra pieces into doll clothes for my daughter (pictures to come.)
- I acquired a Nikon D70s from my uber talented photography genius older brother and I've been trying to learn how to use it. I've got a ways to go before any of my stuff ends up looking like his. In fact I was so annoyed at it earlier that I busted out my old point and shoot for the above picture (shhh, don't tell!)
- I also built myself a nifty photography light tent  for taking cool pictures like the one above.
- I also received my first customer quilt from the Sew Mama Sew giveaway I hosted:

HST trip

Isn't it awesome? I have it up on my design wall right now. I just need to load it on the frame and decide on a quilting pattern for it.

Have a great weekend!
~ Norma


Arianne said...

So excited for the entrance of PD baby #3. Hurray for a nifty camera just in time, too! Take it easy.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Love to see it when it's quilted. Thanks for sharing!

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