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Sunday, July 24, 2011
I seem to be on a roll! I was able to crank out another 2 blocks for the Farmer's Wife quilt.
FW #69

I picked two easier blocks since #43 gave me such a hard time. I am loving how I can just focus on each individual little block and have a sense of accomplishment after finishing each one. I think that is what I'm finding so appealing, the sense of "accomplishment." This baby is coming in little more than a week and I know I will not be able to finish any of my other projects, not that I have the desire to work on them anyway. Once the baby arrives I know it will be weeks before I will feel well enough to sit and sew (this baby is coming via repeat c-section.)
FW #44

These little blocks are "done" and will stay "done." I can't say the same thing about anything else in my house. Laundry, dishes, dust, and trash will keep on multiplying. Tummy's will have to be fed, daily, three times a day even! I'm so grateful to have such an understanding husband who tells me I'm working hard "just sitting there." He says it with a smile but I know he means it in a nice way! ... and I'm glad he means it because lately I feel like this:
Source: via Kim on Pinterest

I hope you have a great week!
~ Norma

oh and my progress so far:
FW Progress 7-24

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Denise :) said...

I love stumbling upon blogs in funny ways. I found yours when a new FB friend revealed she was a new follower on my blog. I looked to see if she had a blog (which she didn't) but I saw that she did follow several other blogs, one of which was the Lick Skillet Guild. That intrigued me immensely, because we have a "Lick Skillet" right down the road, so I had to check it out. I quickly realized that evidently Alabama is big enough to have more than one Lick Skillet and yours was not ours. Then I checked out the guild's links page, and saw your page, which brought me here. Ta dah! I like the fabrics you've chosen for your Farmer's Wife quilt. Nice to meet ya'! :)

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