Saturday, October 15, 2011

My little guy has been quite the handful the last few weeks. He went from this:


super happy baby one day to this:


horribly unhappy baby the next day.

I was to the point of exhaustion because he was NOT sleeping, crying all the time, and having stomach issues. After about 2 weeks and a visit to the pediatrician I’ve cut out milk from my diet and swapped his supplemental formula to a soy based formula. It made a huge difference but he was still NOT sleeping well.

Finally a friend told me about “Baby Wise.” In a matter of 3 days (today is day 3) my little guy is sleeping like a champ during the day and sleeping 5 hour stretches at night. I am catching up on sleep, laundry, dishes and I even got a little time with my Accuquilt Go!


Stealing a few minutes here and there I was able to cut enough pieces for a Halloween quilt. I don’t know if I’ll actually find time to sit at the sewing machine before the 31st, but it does feel good to be planning a quilt again.

~ Norma


Denise :) said...

Oh, even when he's not so happy, he's oh so darling!! Glad you're finding what works! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you found some "me" time finally! Love the fabric too! Just bought some of the My Minds Eye in the black background for a pillowcase. Hope you enjoy the holiday!

Donna~~ said...

Glad you little one is sleeping better! My son was a difficult baby until I realized I was anemic, and once I was taking iron, he was sleeping like a champ. Before then he was always hungry, wakeful all night and day, and grumpy. I used soy and goat's milk for him too! (He's now 29, but I will never forget all those sleepless nights) Might be worth having your blood checked.

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