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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Lately my little girl (age 5) has taken a major interest in drawing and coloring. She’s always liked coloring but her drawing skills are really blossoming. She very adoringly tells me “Mommy, you’re an artist.” I don’t know if I like to refer to myself as an artist but I’m not going to argue with her! :) Then she proceeds to tell me how she’s going to be an artist just like me when she grows up.
When I was still working on my DQS 12 version two, I walked into her room to find this taped to her wall:
Mini Me
which she made after she saw me working on this:
Red and Teal flying Geese
I think I have a future quilter on my hands! I love her intuitive color combos.
~ Norma


Swedish Scrapper said...

Oh Yes! Congratulations! It'll be wonderful to see how she develops, eh?

Arianne said...

Love it!

Robin@robinsnestquilting said...

I'm going to have to agree with your daughter…you are an artist. :-)

Your daughter is an artist, too! 5 years old and drawing like that?? Phenomenal!

robin :-)

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