Tablet Design Class

Friday, May 25, 2012
While I did not quilt much in April I was still busy improving my quilting skills. I took an online course from Carla Barrett. A couple of years ago I took her “Quilt Whispering” class. This time I took her Tablet Design Class. I was able to practice using Photoshop to aid in designing custom quilting for customer quilts. I also learned how to design whole cloth quilts. Carla’s classes are jammed packed and there is always something to learn from her wonderful designs. Over the next few posts I’ll share some of my homework from the classes.
I own a Wacom tablet (thanks Heidi!) and there is a huge learning curve in drawing without looking at your “paper.” You have to move your pen along the tablet while looking at your computer screen. Maybe in the future (when I’m filthy rich)  I can invest in a really nice tablet that shows your computer screen on the tablet, but those are about $1,000. Yikes! On the plus side I’ll do great the next time I play Cranium and have to do a “senso-sketch” (drawing with your eyes closed.)
Here is an exercise where we had to draw a background fill. I drew a feather fill. I’m a little shaky but it’s not horrible.

Feather Fill

~ Norma

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