Settled In

Friday, July 27, 2012
Mostly, anyway. I believe I have a few lingering boxes, 2 small ones in the kitchen and maybe 3 or 4 full of toys in the kid’s rooms. You may be wondering how my kids let me get away with that one. Three words… Deluxe. Kiddie. Pool! They don’t even care that they only have a handful of toys out. The only thing they want to do is hop in the pool. Good thing it has been so hot lately.
Here is a peek at my new sewing space:

Sewing  Room
Sewing Room

It’s actually the formal living room. I have no need, not to mention zero furniture, for a formal living room so it worked out perfectly! I love the big bay window that lets in so much light with the curtains closed. I love the tall ceilings in this house. The best part is the sheer size of this room, almost 19’x13’. The only tricky part was finding storage for this room. I was able to cram, shove and wiggle things into furniture we already owned. The only thing I bought was the heavy duty metal shelving unit and that was on sale for $35 at Target (love back to school prices.)

Eventually I will build another white bookcase to replace the particle board one on the left. Too bad I don’t have my BFF nearby anymore (wah) so I can borrow her husband’s planer again. I also plan on putting up some curtains as a room divider - at least on the end where the dining room is. (I need to center that painting because it’s bugging me. I stuck it on the wall on an existing screw to get it out of the way. I think it’s too low and too far to the left. I love the wood floors in there!) Ha ha, when I first took the picture of the other side the piano wasn’t centered either, so I shoved it over and took the picture again. Moving the piano is actually a lot easier than finding a hammer, a measuring tape, a drill, and some wall anchors to center the painting! I also want to add more decorative hoops to each side of the clock. I haven’t hung my collection of mini quilts yet, but I think those will go on the wall above the big brown desk.

Yup, I feel settled in now that my creative space is set up. I even dug out a UFO and threw it up on the design wall!

Have a great weekend.
~ Norma

PS. I want your opinion! The area where the piano sits is actually a hallway/foyer. The front doors (yes it’s a double door) are to the left of the piano. We don’t use the front door very often. Do you think it’s weird to have a piano there? I think the area is about 6’ deep so there is plenty of walking space around the piano. Once school starts I may decide to put the cubby system there and move the piano to the family room. I actually kind of like the idea of having the piano there so that my kids can actually focus when they are practicing instead of being distracted by the TV, toys or their siblings.


Gene Black said...

I think that is a good place for a piano. Practice is not distracted PLUS it doesn't bother others as much.

Arianne said...

Glad you're getting settled in. The kiddie pool sounds like fun. I love the big bright space for your craft room. Enjoy it! The house looks lovely.

Joy said...

The space is amazing! I love the light coming in the windows. I miss my quilting buddy.

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