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Monday, August 6, 2012
brown recluse

Need I say more?

Not impressed? How about if I tell you that I’ve lost track of how many I have killed since moving into this house a month ago. There have been several babies, several in be-tweens and 2 or 3 of these larger ones. I’m getting so paranoid that I’m having spider dreams!  OK more like nightmares. I hate having the baby play on the floor it makes me even more paranoid!!!  Plus they LOVE hiding in shoes! That’s it, I’m only wearing flip flops until I’m satisfied that they are gone from the house.

I’ve been cleaning, vacuuming, and spreading Diatomaceous Earth around (it’s an all natural insect killer) all day long. Later I’m going to buy a bunch of glue traps.  In case you think I’m being overly cautious, that’s a Brown Recluse or “Fiddle-back” spider which are very poisonous especially to little children. If you go doing a Google search be warned of very disturbing images of what this spider’s little bite can do to human flesh. Yeah, I’m creeped out! (yes, I know that’s not a word)


Have a spider free week!

~ Norma

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Gene Black said...

I know the diatomaceous earth works for fleas, I didn't know it would kill other insects or spiders (which are arachnids - not insects. ) LOL...while I was verifying my facts I found out that ticks. mites and scorpions are arachnids also. Either way, I don't want them in my house either!

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