TN State Fair

Monday, September 17, 2012

One thing I have come to love since moving to the south are the fantastic county and state fairs. I had no idea such things existed while growing up in the Bay Area, CA. I don’t know if we just never paid attention, or if it wasn’t advertised as well… the point is I had never been to a state or county fair until I moved to the south. We did have those traveling carnivals with rides though. We don’t really go to the fair for the rides (I had a bad experience with one of those) but we do go to see all of the neat exhibits and free entertainment. The kids love seeing the farm animals. I love seeing the creative arts exhibits, people watching, and of course all the neat photo opportunities:

Who doesn't love Ferris Wheels? Ok maybe not everybody likes to ride them but I"m pretty sure everyone loves to look at them, especially when they’re all lit up:
TN State Fair - Ferris Wheel
TN State Fair - Ferris Wheel
TN State Fair - Ferris Wheel
TN State Fair - Ferris Wheel

Here are a few of my favorite quilts. I just noticed they’re all ribbon winners, and for good reason too!

TN State Fair quilts - Americana Baskets
TN State Fair quilts - Christmas
TN State Fair quilts - Snowmen
TN State Fair quilts - Halloween

Even sheep love stylish fabric. Where can I find that fabric for my next quilt?

TN State Fair - stylish sheep


I also think it’s fun to see neat products and crafty wares. It’s also fun to watch salesmen try and sell my husband their wares. My husband will listen politely and let them go on for quite a while, yet the answer is always no! He can’t help it, he loves to ask questions when he sees something that interests him. He loves to figure out how things work and how they’re made. I can see the seller’s hopes rise the more they talk to my husband…

Like these really cool pendant lamps made of a plastic composite that you can assemble yourself into different configurations depending on the number of pieces you buy. The ones shown here were about $30

Pendant Lamps

It’s fun to see pumpkins bigger than my kids

TN State Fair - weigh off

Do you like going to your local fair?
~ Norma

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