Winner, and update on Pattern

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
The lucky winner of my soon to be ready pattern is:
Jaimie Lee!! I'll get this pattern over to you via email once I get it all done.

I'm plugging along in putting my rows together. I've come across a slight problem and will likely modify the pattern just s tiny bit. What is the problem? Thick seams, ugh! I want this pattern to be as easy as possible and no one likes to deal with thick seams. Not only are they annoying to piece but they are annoying to quilt as well. I'm thinking I would curse under my breath the whole time if someone sent me a quilt like this to machine quilt.

With the way the pattern is written right now you end up with about 6 thicknesses of fabric in some intersections. This usually happens where the "cathedral window" like points meet the the outer edge of the 4 patch circle. Here's the picture to refresh your memory:
Mod drunkard's path 3
I really like the way the curves touch each other and make a really fine point. But to make it a more friendly pattern I think I may have to add a small space at those intersections... I'm not sure whether I will modify the pattern or not. I love it as is. Maybe this will just have to be the "advanced" version.

What do you think?
~ Norma


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

How did that happen? I have some good luck! I would like the pattern either way. I have never sewn curves, but I'm probably a confident intermediate level quilter. Definitely not advanced!

Gene Black said...

Congrats to Jamie!

Annie said...

I love this pattern and am hoping to give it a whirl once I finish my ufo pile! I deal with bulky seams by pressing them open (revolutionary I know!). There are some blocks where this gives the best finish for me. I press to one side up to the point where the bulk is difficult, then press the seams open. As my quilts are machine pieced I've never had any problems with batting bearding through the seams.

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