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Sunday, October 28, 2012
(Day 28 of a 31 Day Series)

1. Topography: love the texture this brings to a quilt. Using a walking foot I would space my lines farther apart
2. Clamshell: love this traditional design, this version looks like a good size for using your walking foot. It adds texture so much texture to a quilt. Remember that you can quilt this in diagonal rows to make it easier.
3. Geometric Meander: I think this is my favorite design of the week.
4. Topography: here is a larger quilt done with “topography” Looks like this was done free motion. With a walking foot I would space my lines out more or I would be quilting for months!
5. Quilted Fabric: looks like this one was done free motion. Space the quilting lines out further and you can do this with a walking foot too.
6. Ribbons:  go bigger and remember to make your curves and loops gentle when quilting this design with your walking foot.

Look at all these border ideas!
1. Piano Key: this one is doubled so it looks more like bead board.
2. Pumpkin Seed/orange peel: this narrow border got 1 row of pumpkin seed
3. Straight lines: this border is merely echoing the quilt blocks. I love the spacing, nice and wide.
4. Pumpkin seed/orange peel: this wide border got a few rows of pumpkin seed.
5. Cable: This quilt is being prepped for a nice wide cable. I’m kind of lazy when it comes to stops and starts so I would cross my lines in the middle.
6. Straight lines: This border looks like a traditional rail fence block. It looks like sets of “piano keys” alternating from horizontal to vertical.
7. Geometric meander: This looks a more planned out geometric meander.
8. Straight lines: This quilt is using some very narrow straight lines that form a frame around the quilt.
9. Ribbons: The very top border of this quilt looks like ribbons. If it is a narrow border I wouldn’t throw in too many loops so that I wouldn’t have to turn the quilt very much (or maybe no loops at all.)
10. Cable: another wide cable border (I would allow my lines to cross.)
11. Straight lines: another quilt, this time with wider spacing, that forms a frame around the center quilt blocks.
12. Waves and cable: This quilt has two border designs. The outer most one is done in gentle waves that are echoed. The inner border has two rows of single cables.
What do you tend to do with your borders? Do you just do an all over design on the whole quilt? Do you tend to stick with one border design?
~ Norma


Anonymous said...

This series has been incredibly helpful but now we are nearing the end. Will the series remain on your blog where we can look back at it in the future? It could be one huge tutorial. Please.

Sheila said...

This has been so good. I hate this series is coming to an end.

Joy said...

I'm also going to miss this 31 days. I never would have thought I could do all this with my walking foot. I guess I just need to play more with my quilts. Can't wait to see what you will be teaching us next.

Gene Black said...

I can't believe we are already this far in the 31 days.
I tend to do an all over pattern so that I can start and end "off the edge" and only have tie offs when the thread breaks.

Anonymous said...

#5 was done by hand. Finished now.

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