Monday, January 28, 2013
I’ve started quilting the little doll quilt for my swap partner. I always like to do a little “quilt-storming” on my computer. Usually I use photosop and a wacom tablet. Using a wacom tablet is hard! you have to draw while looking at the computer screen instead of looking down at your tablet.
This time I played around with my Kindle Fire and was able to make it work. There are limitations because the screen is so small. I’m going to have to try it out on my husband’s iPad sometime.
On the Kindle I used an app called Sketchbook Mobile ($1.99) There is also a free version (Sketchbook Mobile Express) and a pro version that wasn’t available when I bought the “mobile” version (Sketchbook Pro $1.99)
In order to use any app for drawing on your quilts, you first need to get your image on the kindle. There are a couple of ways to do this. Since I already had the image I wanted on my Flickr account, I simply opened up my web browser within the Kindle and downloaded the image from Flickr. I was then able to find it in the default “Gallery app” that came on the Kindle Fire. After that it was a matter of opening up the Sketchbook App and opening the image from within the app. Once I had it open I was able to draw on it to my heart’s content. I highly recommend getting a tablet pen because it just works 100 times better than trying to use your finger!
So I came up with a few ideas:

quilt-stormingquilt-storming 2
On the first one I drew in black but it was hard to see so I switched the color to white for the second one, which made it much easier to see. I decided I like the direction of the second drawing. I was trying out different designs so they won’t all make it onto the quilt. I really like that “frame” around the center star and I really like the feathers in the corners from the top drawing. The nice thing about drawing on your quilt is you get to see which elements you like without having to rip things out.
Do you “plan” your quilting?
~ Norma

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~Kris~ said...

This is a really clever idea. I did not know you could draw using a tablet. Thanks for the info.

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