Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I'm moving. Yes, again. Story of my life! Rather than packing up everything in my craft room or sending it to the thrift store (gasp) I've decided to offer my readers the chance to snatch up some of my goodies.

Pink scraps

Some stuff has just been moved around too many times, other things just didn't work out for me and might work for you. I'm not selling junk, just stuff I haven't used. Oh and scraps, lots of scraps... those just seem to multiply and it's time to start with an empty scrap bin.

I've set up a new section of my site just for destash items and they are not being listed in my Etsy shop, these are first dibs for my readers. You can find the special section on the top menu all the way at the end.

~ Norma

1 comment :

Jane said...

I've moved eight times in the last nine years. I feel your pain. Are you moving locally, or to whole new state or city?

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