Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The big move has come and gone. We have been in our new (old) house for 3 weeks now. I say “old” house because it is the same home we lived in 5 years ago. If you are a recent follower of my blog you wouldn’t know this, so I’ll fill you in:

In May of 2009 when the economy tanked we were forced to look for new employment, as I know many had to do. We were lucky enough to find a job in Alabama a mere 3.5 hours away. For the first 3 years that we were gone we had some good friends renting our house. After they moved out in December of 2011 we tried our very hardest  to find a job anywhere in the Nashville area. We tried for 4 months. The whole time I was living in a mostly empty house and home schooling the kids while fixing up the house for… us? the next renters? to put it on the market? At the time we had no idea what would happen.

Finally the very last weekend in April of 2012 we decided, on a whim, to list it for rent on Craig's List. We had 7 families come and look at the house and all of them wanted to rent it! That very same weekend we rented it out to a very nice family. We made our peace with living in Alabama for another 2-3 years. That very same week the Mister got a phone call, Memorial Day weekend he had an interview, and a few weeks later he had a job offer to work in downtown Nashville. Really?! Sometimes Heavenly Father has a really good sense of humor!

By the end of June we were packed up and moved to Hendersonville TN. We couldn’t move back into our home because we had just rented it out. We really enjoyed our time in Hendersonville. When the time was nearing the end of our renter’s lease we thought about it long and hard. We prayed about it, and asked the kids for their input. We really felt like it would be best for our family to move back into our home even though the Mister would have a 45min to an hour commute each way.  (Side Note: I am am totally blown away by the willingness of my husband to endure a long commute for our family. – Love that man!)

So now we are Home. It feels so good! The house fits like a favorite shirt. It’s just so comfy, so peaceful, so us. The main living area is all unpacked and we are settled in. I still need to put up pictures and stuff like that. We have plans to finish out the upstairs which is all unfinished space. We also want to convert the attached 2 car garage into a mud room/sewing space. Last time we were in this home we only had two little kids. They used to share a room so I had the spare bedroom as my sewing room/office. Now we have 3 not so little kids. If they were all boys I would make them share a room. So for now I don’t have a sewing space.

I think I might set up my small sewing machine in my bedroom for now. But my poor long arm is going to have to sit out in the garage until we figure out what we are going to do with that space. I’m starting to feel the itch to sew something, anything! I really don’t want to have to dig through 20 boxes every time I’m looking for something though so I’m not planning on quilting anytime soon. *gasp* For now I’m pretty sure my efforts are going to focus on home DIY projects. At the top of my list is getting our garden started by this weekend so we can enjoy a fall harvest.

~ Norma


Karee said...

Home sweet home! So happy for you.

N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

so glad things finally worked out for you" Have you thought about converting the garage to a sewing room or an extra bedroom and putting your sewing room back into one of the bedrooms?

Jane said...

So glad this has worked out for you! We left Nashville due to a job change ten years ago and have been trying to get back ever since! How I'd love to be back.

Joy said...

There is space in my sewing room for your longarm. It's only 3.5 hours away, you could visit it anytime you want. LOL
Miss you guys!

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