Still Plugging Away

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
antique dresser

I really should say “still picking away.” At this point I’m slowly picking away at all the layers of paint on the intricate carved details of this dresser. Literally I’m picking away at it using my husband’s five-in-one tool. I wish I had some dental picks to get into some of these nooks and crannies. At times I am cursing myself for jumping in feet first, but as the details slowly emerge I am seeing the beauty of the dresser emerge. It’s gorgeous! I love getting glimpses of the original glory of this piece. I can’t wait to get it all done. Look at those gorgeous legs!

I’m trying to hurry and get the base all done this week so I can work on the drawers. I have company coming in about two weeks and I don’t want to have this dresser hogging prime real estate in the kitchen, although if it was a little bit smaller I would love to leave it there for use as a kitchen island.

I’m so excited to have our first guests of the year. Especially since my maternal grandmother is coming for a visit all the way from Mexico! I’m so grateful that my kids will have a chance to meet their great grandmother once more and hopefully they will be able to remember this visit now that they are much older. This will more than likely be the last time I get to see my grandmother since she doesn’t travel to the U.S. very often. This will be such a bittersweet visit. To add to the icing on the cake my parents are also coming for a visit. This will be the first time my dad will be coming out to visit us and I am beyond excited!

~ Norma


RosaMaría said...

me encanta el mueble y estás haciendo un muy buen trabajo! seguro que te quedará muy lindo!

felicidades por las visitas que tendrás, debe ser muy emocionante tener a la familia en casa! disfrútalos mucho!!

Gene Black said...

disfrutar de la visita a su abuela.

you could always go to Mexico to visit your abuela.

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