Norris Dam State Park

Monday, July 7, 2014
My husband has an awesome job. He is a construction manager. The company he currently works for is doing the work at many of the Tennessee state parks. He gets to travel to several of the parks throughout our beautiful state. Lucky for us it just happens to be summer vacation which means we get to tag along.

We kicked off our adventures last month when we went to Norris Dam State Park in east Tennessee. The kids and I got to play while my husband has to go to meetings and job sites. A storm had rolled through the night before. When we got up it was a lovely overcast day.

~ Norma

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Lisa C said...

My dad is from Clinton, TN very close to Norris. When I was little there was a store in Norris that sold old-fashioned ice cream. I'm not sure what the difference is between modern ice cream and old-fashioned but the old-fashioned was delicious. Thanks for the treat of seeing these pictures. I took my dad, 82, to TN (from TX) to say good-bye to his younger brother (cancer) in 2012. I'm not sure we'll ever be up that way again so again it was was a treat to these pictures.

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