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Tuesday, July 15, 2014
These pictures are all from a few weeks ago before the garden exploded.

We did a lot of work in the garden are this year. We built 5 more grow boxes for our square foot garden. We also did a lot of not very exciting prep work like fencing, water lines, dirt work, etc. As you can see we set up the kiddie pool in the garden area. We did this for two reasons: 1) it was already level and 2) it is in a gated lockable area to keep the almost 3 year old safe.

We sectioned off another part of our yard for the chickens. As much as I liked giving them free access to the entire yard the downside was having poop EVERYWHERE. I had to hose off the walkway and porch continually (several times a day), they kept eating the dog food, they kept digging up my flower beds. Now everyone is much happier. The chickens have a large run with lots of shade, the dogs have their food, and I have my flowers and the kids are no longer tracking chicken poop into the house. We still let the chickens out into the yard almost ever evening for an hour or so before bed.

The picture above shows the fenced off chicken run. Directly to the left of that (straight back from the garage all the way to the chain-link fence) is the garden/orchard area.

Lots of fragrant lavender coming in.

A few garden goodies

I turned 5 lbs of green beans into 8 pints of Dilly Beans. One of the jars broke open during the final canning stage so I only ended up with 7 pints. I've never made or tried dilly beans before but the recipe sounds good. I'm hoping we like them.

~ Norma


Arianne said...

Oh, your yard looks so good! We let our chickens out to range yesterday and it reminded me how much p**p there is to deal with (they've generally stayed cooped at our new house). The chicken run looks green and shady--ideal.
The garden produce sounds so good. This first planting season at our home, the rabbits have decimated everything we've tried to plant. Does Mr. P.D. want to come put in fences here?!?
My kids devour dilly beans. If your kids are like mine (which stands a chance, since they're related) seven jars won't last long. Love the blue bottles.

Quiltingranny said...

Love it. We just planted compost garden for the year to see how it turns chickens yet, but I so want them..poop keeps hubby from saying yes. :(! We have 3 fruit trees, no fruit yet, but next year when our son is home to help build we hope to have a better garden! I love your yard!

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