Sunday, August 3, 2014
We have added a gorgeous Korat cat to our little urban farmstead. My kids will be beyond thrilled when they get back from spending time with the grandparents later in the week. They have begged for years for a cat. I never thought we would have a cat because my husband is super allergic to them.

They say to "never say never." I don't really know who "they" is, but they said it! Our need for a barn cat has allowed my hubby to soften his stance. As soon as the "I guess we could get one" was out of his mouth I was busy perusing Craigslist for the perfect cat.

My hubby already has a dislike for cats (I can't blame him since severe allergies suck) so I wanted to make sure we would end up with the perfect cat. One that would change his dislike of cats into a love of cats. Ha! I kid, I'll be happy if it ends up in a tolerance for cats.

I was picky and waited weeks for the perfect cat. My criteria was this:
- I didn't want to drive over 30 min for the cat.
- It had to be free ( no way hubby was going to let me spend a dime on a cat.)
- It had to be fixed (again the no spending $ part)
- It would be a plus if it was up to date on shots. (She isn't but we'll take care of that)
- It had to be an outdoor cat.
- It had to have a history of hunting.
- It had to have a tolerance for kids.
- It had to have a tolerance for dogs.
- It had to be under 5 years old but not a kitten unless mom had taught it to hunt.
Apparently this was too much to ask for because it took several weeks for me to find Athena. In fact I had another cat lined up but that fell through when the lady realized how attached she had gotten to the "stray." I stumbled upon Athena's listing towards the "about to expire listings." I think it was meant to be because she fit all of the requirements.

She'll be much happier here as an outdoor cat than in the crowded city neighborhood she was in. Once she has acclimated to her new environment I will let her out to explore. We're hoping she will hunt the mice and rats that are showing up near the chicken run, hunt the starlings that are devouring the chicken food, keep mice out of the workshop and keep the bunnies out of the garden. We may end up with a fat cat!

I love cats so I am in heaven! Do you like cats as much as I do?


Gene Black said...

If that beautiful black baby in the picture is Athena, wow, how could you resist. I do love cats.

Nancy said...

I loved my Korat kitties. The first one we had was in 1960. She was not a perfect korat but because she was in a first litter for a breeder she kept her I got her for cheap. Later she had kittens. We kept on and the hunted as a pair. Heidi could wait by a mole hole for hours. She would bring me mice, moles, snakes and birds. She and her son had the most beautiful green eyes. Years later I spent big bucks for my last Korat. Isabella pasted away last November. The problem now with the breed is they can have respiratory issues. Not enough variety in the gene pool. They are still very strong cats. Isabella could jump to the top of a door without a running start. Just flat footed. Amazing to see. I am sure you will come to love your kitty. I know I did mine.

Nancy said...

Another tidbit for your knowledge of Korat's. Unlike domestic short hair cats they only have one layer of hair. It gives them their slick shiny look. Hmm...I am sounding more and more like I need a new kitty.

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