A Guild Home

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
It's been a little over two years since I was able to go to a quilt guild meeting. Things have finally aligned and I have joined my local quilt guild. I now have a guild to call home and I'm looking forward to getting to know all the other ladies.

 I had been wanting to check it out but was unable to do so because they meet on a weekday during the day. Now that my youngest is going to a Mother's Day Out program I get to have a little fun time.
During last week's meeting we were able to participate in a class that was taught by Wanda of Old South Fabrics. We made a good start on the "Favorite Things" pattern from the "Holly Jolly" by Sheri Falls. Isn't Wanda's sample adorable? I think she may still have a few kits available if you are interested (just send her an email through her site.)

I was able to complete my row of presents which was the only thing I was able to get cut out before the class. I decided to just use the fabrics I have on hand rather than buying more fabric. I son't have a lot of Christmas fabrics so mine is based on the cute Riley Blake print that has been in  my stash for a while called "Colorful Christmas." 

Yesterday I was able to complete the row of mugs. The cutting of fabrics is a little tedious but I am enjoying working on one element at a time.
What have you been working on lately?
~ Norma

Blog Face Lift

Friday, September 26, 2014
I have been working hard the last week or so to give my blog a fresh new update.

I really like the cohesive look. Please hop on over if you are in a reader and tell me what you think and if everything looks ok from your end (links, pictures in the right spot etc.) I would really appreciate any feedback!

~ Norma

Rainbow Quilt

I finally got around to breaking in the new set up. I loaded up this colorful baby quilt that I pieced a few months ago. I pieced it entirely out of my scrap bin. Each block is 4"x4".

It took me a while to get started because I was trying to figure out a way to do pantographs from the front of the machine. I picked my husband's brain and we finally got it worked out. I'll have to take a better picture of the set up for you to see.

I used an aqua blue thread for the quilting. I was surprised that this was the color that blended the best with all the colors. I thought I would be using white but it was too stark.

I used a pretty green swiss dot on the back. It really shows off the quilting. The quilting is "AM's Turbulance."

~ Norma

Ready to Make a Mess

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
I finally got around to finding a place for everything that belongs in my new (temporary) sewing room.
There is *just* enough room in here for the basics, barely. In fact I have to crawl under the machine to get to the back side if I want to do any pantos. Good thing I'm in such good shape right now!
The custom shelf set up under the machine is perfect for storage. My husband put that together for me when I first bought the machine.

On the opposite wall I have my Brother 1300 which is my preferred machine for piecing and sometimes I quilt on it. The other desk is for my laptop where I will, hopefully, spend lots of time designing and writing patterns.

The closet is pretty full. I'm thinking we could probably add another shelf in there. As you can see I did not paint the closet. The paint was actually in perfect condition. I didn't have any aqua left anyway. I really like it with the blue though, it looks very cottagey.

For now if I want to cut and press I can set up a folding table in front of the closet or do that in another room. I guess it will depend on the project and whether my 3 year old is home at the time.
Well now it's ready to be broken in and made into a mess! First up on my list is that cute and colorful baby quilt hang in on the right side of the frame.

~ Norma

Baby Cuteness

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
I made some cute baby shower gifts for a friend's brand new baby boy. 

These necktie onesies are my go to gifts for baby boys. They are quick, inexpensive, always please the new mommy and the baby always looks so adorable in them. I love these for dressing up little ones because they are so much softer and comfortable than stiff, dressy clothes made for babies.

Do you have any go to hand made baby gifts you like to give?
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