UFO #3

Thursday, January 21, 2016
At our first guild meeting of the year UFO #3 was drawn. If you have  no idea what I'm talking about go read this post. Would you like to play along? Simply make your own UFO list (#1-11) and I'll update you on the 2nd Thursday of every month an let you know which number was drawn at my guild. You then have a whole month to work on that UFO. Share your progress with me and I'll help encourage you along the way.

If you recall My UFO #3 was: Make 12 blocks for Metro Rings quilt

This is a project that became a UFO because the instructions on squaring up can be a bit confusing. I messed up a few blocks during the squaring up process and had to order more fabric because I am making a queen size version of this quilt. If you are making the quilt in the size given on the pattern, then you should have enough strips left over to be able to mess up on a few!

This time I around I decided to take each step slowly and make one whole block before making the rest in assembly line fashion. I still managed to mess up a few blocks during the squaring up of the individual arcs, but not enough to where I feel I need to remake them. Well, except for 1 which is just awful! (The one in the top right corner.) Luckily I found this tutorial on Jenny's website so I could zoom in on the pictures and see the steps more clearly.

I think I know what I'm doing now and look forward to making the rest of the blocks for this quilt. I guess I should figure out how many blocks I need in total. In case you are wondering I found the piecing of the curved arcs easy enough and didn't use pins. It's the squaring up where I had troubles.

It feels good to cross one off my UFO list.

1. Piece the 2 side borders for the Blue Waltz quilt
2. Quilt and bind Millenium Star quilt
3. Make 12 blocks for Metro Rings quilt
4. Make 4 large blocks for Blue Waltz quilt
5. Make borders for Mod Flower & piece top together
6. Make 12 blocks for Metro Rings quilt
7. Piece together the Castles in Spain quilt top
8. Make 5 large blocks for Blue Waltz quilt
9. Make 12 blocks for Metro Rings quilt
10. Piece the top & bottom border for Blue Waltz quilt
11. Make 12 blocks for Metro Rings quilt

~ Norma

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Pamela said...

Thanks for the link - I am going to make this as a sample for a quilt shop and I've been a little nervous about starting. The video should help me get it right!

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