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I'm Norma and I'm thrilled that you've come to visit my little corner of the bloggy universe. I've always been the "creative type," I just didn't know it! Growing up I didn't have much opportunity to take art, music, or home ec. classes, but I can remember having a love for crafting. It wasn't until my freshman year in college when I stumbled upon a beginning graphic design class that I realized, "hey I can do this!" That class led me down a completely different road and opened up new doors I never even knew existed. I quickly changed my major to Industrial Design and excelled in most of my art classes.

After I left college, as a newlywed, the time was right to start a family. A very nice stranger invited me to come to her house to make a quilt for my new baby boy. This lovely stranger became my very best friend as we sat at the quilting frame stitching and chatting while our babies played nearby. This was my first real experience with quilting and I was hooked, even though I only put in about 1% of the stitches! I realized that hand quilting was not for me so I researched other methods of quilting. Shortly after that I got my first sewing machine, a $60 eBay special, and I've been quilting ever since!

I have now found the best of both worlds. I use all that I learned in my college art classes to design my profile silhouettes and quilt patterns. I get to stay home and raise my two wonderful children and yet I get to spend time every day being creative! My goal is to share my talents with you to, hopefully, inspire the creative impulse within you so that you too can create wonderful heirlooms to pass on to your children and grandchildren.


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